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Cheryl Williams Levey

Cheryl Williams Levey

9 December 2002

Dear Cheryl:

As Co-Chair of the International Scientific Program Committee for CODATA 2002, I would like to thank and commend you for your excellent work in conjunction with our conference. You rose very capably to the considerable challenge of managing the workflow associated with the almost two hundred abstracts we received. In addition, because the abstracts were in a wide variety of fonts and formats, you accomplished with obvious ease the considerable task of editing them to have a consistent appearance on the web site and in the Book of Abstracts.

Furthermore, we received many compliments on the quality of the Overview Program booklet and the Book of Abstracts, the contents of which you produced on time enabling us to meet our printing deadlines.

It was a pleasure working with you; your willingness to take on new challenges and meet our stringent, sometimes shifting or ill-defined, requirements was much appreciated.

Yours sincerely

Gordon H. Wood
Co-Chair, International Scientific Program Committee
National Research Council of Canada
Ottawa, Canada, K1A 0S2


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