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Cheryl Williams Levey

Cheryl Williams Levey

Print Writing and Design

Web development includes writing and design for online audiences and the information I have written, compiled, designed, etc. for the web is included under the Web Development section.

These days, almost everything created in print is offered online as well. If available, the print materials listed below include a link to an online PDF file so that you can view them.

NISOOngoing technical editing services for the National Information Standards Organization.

NAS Board on Research Data and InformationVarious BRDI brochures, newsletters, reports, flyers, announcements, and other materials. However, all of BRDI's materials are provided online and most of our designed materials are provided in digital format, while only a few of our materials are still offered in print.

CODATA NewsletterCODATA Newsletter
I did the layout and design for the CODATA Newsletter for about a year before I was named Editor of this quarterly publication in 2005. To view any of the CODATA newsletters, please visit the CODATA website newsletter page.

Information Commons Workshop logo An International Workshop: Creating the Information Commons for e-Science: Toward Institutional Policies and Guidelines for Action, Paris, France, 1-2 September 2005
Book of Abstracts
Folio for the workshop participants

The Information Society flyer
This is a 2-sided full color flyer that promoted 2004 CODATA conference on one side (as it relates to the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)), and the WSIS Agenda for Action on the other side.

CODATA 2004 Conference logoCODATA 2004 Conference Tote BagsCODATA 2004: 19th International CODATA Conference, Berlin, Germany, November 2004
19th International CODATA Conference Program Book [PDF file]
For this conference, the Book of Abstracts was offered on a CD rather than a printed book. The abstracts and proceedings are available on the conference proceedings website. I provided all of the printed and promotional materials for this workshop, including the logo design, all printed materials, signs, tent cards, badges, pens, and tote bags.

CODATA 2003-2004 Handbook Cover


NBII Access Newsletter bannerNBII Access newsletter layout. I did the layout of this newsletter from 2000-2003. I designed most of the regional fact sheets for the NBII Program during 2000-2003.

CODATA Conference 2002 ProceedingsCODATA 2002: 18th International CODATA Conference, Montreal, Canada, 29 September - 3 October, 2002
Before the conference,I developed the website to include abstracts and logisitcal information. I also provided the design for the program, Book of Abstracts [pdf], signs (sample sign), and more. After the conference, I replaced the website with the CODATA 2002 Conference Proceedings. (Note: I did not design the logo for this conference.)

CODATA Conference 2000 logoCODATA 2000: 17th International CODATA Conference, Baveno, Italy, 15-19 October 2000
I designed the logo, along with most of the conference materials, including the Program and Book of Abstracts.

I designed the logo, website, factsheet, program, badges, workshop proceedings, and other online and print materials for the FIrst International CODATA Africa Workshop in Dakar, Senegal, 19-21 July 2000. I served as the lead person for organizing this workshop. Details are on the Event Planning page.

From 1984-2000, I worked at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). While there, I served in a number of roles. Initially, I was an Editorial Assistant in the development of the NIST Calibrations and NIST Standard Reference Materials catalogs. Because this was before desktop publishing, I learned how to paste galleys, proofread, and perform other editorial tasks as assigned, including meeting with Government Printing Office staff to review galley proofs and resolve issues. I was also frequently asked to design PowerPoint presentations for high level personnel at NIST, including presentations to be given before Congress.

Around the year 1989 until the end of 2000, I worked in the Standard Reference Data Program and brought my writing and design skills to their PowerPoint presentations, flyers, brochures, catalogs, database user manuals, help sessions, and more. I developed the layout for all of the Standard Reference Data databases. One example of the many database user guides I helped to develop is here:

And here are some general writing and design projects I have worked on:

EVFAN logo
Editor of the Phoenix East Valley Friends and Neighbors monthly newsletter
(for members only) (2003-2006)



  • Layout, editing and conversion to PDF for two of Sam Knight's ebooks (2003)
  • SSC Print-On-Demand (one-time project): Graphic design for a coupon book (approx. 1999)
  • Publisher and Editor of "Word of Mouth," a local music newsletter for the DC-Baltimore area (1992-1993).

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