Cheryl Williams Levey

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Cheryl Williams Levey

Cheryl Williams Levey

My Background

I am a high-level administrative and communications professional with over twenty-five years working in the federal and international sectors, assisting high-level scientific professionals with diverse and interdisciplinary projects.

Cheryl Levey skillsMy last position, at the National Academy of Sciences' Board on Research Data and Information, was working directly with lawyers, scientists, and academic experts in various fields to define and discuss issues with the digital information overload and how best to solve some of the problems caused by the sudden deluge of accessible data.

Specifically, I planned meetings and workshops to bring experts from all over the world to work on these issues and developed follow-up materials in print and online such as workshop reports and summaries as well as action steps for the future. I also researched various issues and put together information regarding the Board's activities and progress.

Past positions include working for the international Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA) as well as for the Department of Commerce (National Institute of Standards and Technology, National Institutes of Health) and for the Department of the Interior (U.S. Geological Survey).

I have extensive experience with executive support of diverse organizations and with planning various professional events, including conferences, workshops, meetings, and trade shows.

I am skilled with the Microsoft Suite and Adobe Creative Suite, as well as HTML and CSS and other tools such as SiteStudio CMS, WordPress, and MailChimp, ExactTarget, and AutoResponsePlus email/subscription systems. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications Studies from the University of Maryland University College, and continue to take adult education courses to keep my skills up-to-date.

Hire Me!

Pleaes view my Portfolio for examples of my work. My resume/CV and references are available upon request.


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